When does DIG meet? Wednesdays during the school year from 6:30-8:30pm. We encourage the entire family of DIG students to stay and enjoy dinner together from 6:30-7:00pm.

Who is in charge? Dave Hinkley.

Why is it called “DIG”? We are digging into the Scriptures.

What is a typical night like? After dinner, families leave and the middle and high schoolers play a game from about 7:00-7:30. Then we sing worship music as a combined group before breaking off into middle school and high school for the Bible study.

Who leads the Bible study? Lessons are taught by Dave Hinkley, a parent, or a DIG volunteer.

How many kids attend? Lately, about 80-90 kids between Middle School and High School.

Who can come to DIG? Our fellowship is for students grades 6 through 12. We would love for parents and families to join us for dinner and hang out the rest of the night as well.

I’d like to help out leading music. How can I get involved? We would love to have you get involved! We’re looking for students who have some musical ability (however small) and some commitment to Christ and His church. Talk to Mr. Hinkley.

Can my friend or my younger sibling come to special DIG events? Always bring friends to DIG. If your younger sibling wants to come with you to laser tag or something, we ask that they bring a parent along.

When is guy’s game night? You yourself can now look at the calendar!

What is the game tonight? Be patient and you will find out.


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